Rebecca Cheetham is a centre for children between the

ages of 2 years and rising 5’s and their families. Being a nursery education centre means that we provide both education and childcare facilities which provides services from pre-birth.

Newham Education Authority has a policy of inclusive education. The council aims to achieve this by ‘ensuring that every child is able to attend a mainstream school and receive appropriate support in respect of any special educational needs they may have.’

The governing body of Rebecca Cheetham have embraced this policy and adopted the inclusive Education Strategy. This means all children have equal access to all the learning experiences planned in the Centre.

Our aims:

  • To respect and care for individual children’s needs, enabling all children to be confident and independent learners and to achieve their full potential. We aim to do this by working in close partnership with parents and carers.

We believe:

  • In the importance of respecting children as fellow human beings, and children having right of access to human and physical resources within the centre.
  • That children have the right to achieve their full potential. We, as staff, enable this by focusing our energies to that end.
  • That each child brings a wealth of home and community experiences. This creates an enriching environment, which can be shared, celebrated and built upon.
  • That by having knowledge of each individual child, we, as staff, are responsive to their developmental needs and interests. Through this we facilitate achievement.
  • That care and education are inseparable and that we provide an environment in which 2,3 and 4 year olds thrive alongside each other.
  • That children should have constant access to the outdoors environment. They should be able to use the valuable resource alongside the indoor play space.